Friends and Neighbors ATV Club  PO Box 104  Palermo, ME  04354

Friends and Neighbors ATV Club
PO Box 104
Palermo, ME  04354

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Newport to Milo/Brownville  June 10, 2017

6 machines and 9 riders left Newport at 9am.  A great ride to Dover, then headed beyond.  This was the first time for several of us.  Most of the trail was great, a short area north of Dover was really nasty, but it wasn't too long a section.  We had lunch at C&J Variety in Milo - they make a great sandwich!  Then headed to Brownville, Sebec Village and Lakeville Plantation before finishing loop back to Dover and down the railbed to Newport.  Did a total of 103 miles.  Saw a doe, fawn, rabbits, snapping turtle, painted turtle.   It was a great day!  Photos up on the photo page.  . 

LaGrange to Millinocket  June 11, 2016

8 members with 5 machines left from LaGrange at 9am and headed out for Millinocket.  It was a beautiful day for a ride.  The recent rain took care of the dust and there were just a few puddles. We saw some wildlife throughout the day - a cow moose and calf, hawk, turtle which on the way back was laying her eggs.  A few other machines were out on the trails.  Close to Millinocket there were many patches of white lady slippers.  We stopped at the bridge and had our lunch, then headed back.  The weather was threatening but no precip.  Got back to the vehicles about 4.  Rode 90 miles.  A great day.  Pictures should be up on the photos page - thanks Warren!

Bridge/Boardwalk by Hannan's 

Frank, Bob & Ray worked to frame and plank 60 feet of boardwalk on the NASTY GNARLY trail from Banton Road toward Liberty. Saturday, October 3 Dave, Frank & Kerry built 108 feet of framing for the boardwalk and planked 39 feet of it. As it was getting dark, the trail was temporarily closed at Banton Road.   Frank & Kerry worked 7 hours on Oct 7, cut and planked 70 feet of boardwalk and built and planked 2 6 foot ramps, for a total of 120 feet of boardwalk on trail in back of Kerwin Hannan's.  The trail is open. Pictures are up on the photos page.

Cambridge Cornfield Ride  19 Sep 2015

This has been on our list for some time, and this year looked like it might happen!  The weather was perfect - a beautiful late summer day, temps in the 70's.  Arrived in Cambridge early afternoon and got signed up.  Picked up a map of the Cambridge trails and headed out for a little ride.  Met a few machines, enjoyed the ride through cornfields, woods, and edges of hay fields.  There actually was mud!!  We returned and got the machine parked in line for the night ride.  Enjoyed a pig roast for supper and met a number of other folks. Over 700 meals were served.   After the meal, silent auction, door prizes and comments from the Make A Wish representative, we prepared for the ride.  As you can imagine, with 318 machines, it took a while to get us all in line and headed out on the trail.  It was GREAT!!  We rode 16 miles through cornfields, hayfields, and cow barns.  Several cows were a little suspicious of just what was going through their barn.  We all ended up in one field where a super fireworks display was put on.  It was a wonderful time and the Cambridge Club raised over $11,817 for Make A Wish.  Only had one machine and 2 members attend, so hope for a larger group next year. Pictures are up on the photos page.  Trying for some video - keep checking.

Club Ride in Lincoln area   July 10-12, 2015

    Friday afternoon  3 machines and 6 members had a great  ride on trails in the Lincoln/Lee/Winn area.  Blue skies, lots of sun and dust.  Several hayfields had been mowed which added a sweet scent to the air. 2 members of Dwinal Pond were doing bridgework and another was doing trail maintenance - looked familiar!  We spent a few minutes enjoying the water flowing under the bridge.  Saw a deer.  Got back to camp and had a little supper, then headed out for an ATV ride over to Berryland for an ice cream.  Rode 71 miles.

    Saturday morning our ride left from the Dwinal Pond Clubhouse and consisted of 8 machines and 17 riders.  We varied in age from a teenager to a 90 year old.  Nice span!  We rode through Winn, Lee, Springfield,  Carroll Plantation, Lakeville,  and probably other areas as well.  We did dusty road riding and not so dusty, cooler, woods trail riding.   Enjoyed our lunch at the top of Vinegar Hill looking out over the lakes and trees.  Nearly back to camp, Dave Phillips  took those folks who had not been up to the wind towers near the Phillips camp in Winn.  Got  back to the clubhouse and all gathered for a meal and conversation.   A few of us decided on another ice cream, this time using our vehicles.  Rode 79 miles .

   Sunday we had 6 machines and 12 riders head out for a shorter ride.  We enjoyed a nice ride around Madagascal Pond and up to the wind towers which we had  viewed from one side of the lake.  It was still hot and dusty, and we enjoyed very much the cool spring water at Rocky Dundee Spring.  We got back about 12 and had a picnic at the clubhouse, then packed up and headed for home.  We rode 41 miles.  

All in all we had a great riding weekend and the club thanks the Phillips for their hospitality. Pictures of all 3 days are up on the photos page.

Club Ride  Topsham Trailriders ATV Club Trails  June 14, 2015

6 machines and 8 members decided to try a new trail and chose the Topsham Trailriders area.  They rode 23 miles, leaving from J&S Oil in Topsham on Rte 196 and did the Number 1 and Number 4 trails, which included loop A and B on the Number 4 trail.  Trails were mostly on power lines which contained a lot of ledge.  The club has done a lot of boardwalk through the swampy areas which is really nice.  The trails were quite challenging, yet everyone made it back to their vehicles safely and with no breakdowns.  Pictures are up on the photos page.  

Mid Coast ATV Club Charity Ride  June 13, 2015

Several of us joined the Mid Coast ATV Club Charity Ride out of Frye Mountain.  It was a perfect day - rained overnight, cleared in the early morning and was sunny but not dusty for the ride.  Mid Coast reported 36 machines and 49 riders raised $1,634.23 for their charity this year - Habitat for Humanity of Waldo County.  It was a super day with great people!  Our pictures are up on the photos page.