Friends and Neighbors ATV Club  PO Box 104  Palermo, ME  04354

Friends and Neighbors ATV Club
PO Box 163
Palermo, ME  04354

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Friends and Neighbors ATV Club Membership Information

Dues for the 2019-2020 season are $20.  The year starts May 1.

Friends and Neighbors ATV Club is always looking for new members to join with us as we enjoy our sport.  However, we recognize that each club has a little different environment than any other club.  We encourage prospective members to come to our meetings and ride with us to help you understand us and determine if our club is right for you.  If you should determine that you would like to join our club, great!  We look forward to getting to know you and having you join us. 

When you join our club, you will receive a new member packet that includes the membership card, a copy of our ride rules, club decal for your machine, map of the club trails, and a list of the upcoming scheduled rides and events.  In addition, you will receive the monthly newsletter/meeting minutes either in paper form or electronically, whichever you choose.  We also have patches, hats, and clothing available for purchase.  Whether you ride a lot or a little, we encourage everyone to get out and ride.                                                                                                                                       If you would like a membership form for our club, please contact us by mail or facebook.   Or you may pick up a form at any of our meetings, which are the fourth Thursday of the month, March through  October.



2019  Officers

 Officers elected for the season are as follows:  Glenn Carlson, President;  Merval "Charlie" Porter, Vice President; Deborah Scates, Secretary; Christine Deisch, Treasurer; Jay Murphy, Trailmaster;  Deborah Scates, Membership; Slater Claudel, Safety Officer.

Executive Board:  Frank Taylor, Ray Taylor, Kerry Scates



If you have questions about our club, or want to contact us for any reason, here are the names and numbers:

President:  Glenn T. Carlson  993-2076
Vice President:  Merval "Charlie" Porter  659-8493
Secretary:  Deborah Scates  993-4000
Treasurer:  Chris Deisch 
Trailmaster:  Jay Murphy  620-2506
Membership: Deborah Scates 993-4000