Friends and Neighbors ATV Club  PO Box 104  Palermo, ME  04354

Friends and Neighbors ATV Club
PO Box 163
Palermo, ME  04354

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MAY 20, 2020  TRAIL IS CLOSED FROM TOBEY'S TRAILHEAD TO THE PHILLIPS ROAD.  2 BRIDGES MUST BE REPAIRED BEFORE THE TRAIL CAN REOPEN.  Trail is open from the access area across from the MA Haskell propane storage on Route 3 .  You can go East on the trail to Liberty.    The trail across Route 3 from that area is now permanently closed.  It has been signed to show no atv.

OCTOBER 26, 2019.  TRAILS ARE CLOSED!!  Hunting season is on and at our landowners requests, we close our trails.  Please be respectful and do not ride any of our system.  Thank you!!

UN 7, 2019  TRAILS ARE OPEN!!  Saturated soils signs have been picked up - if you encounter one still out, please pull it up and lay it beside the trail.   Our trail system is still split in two pieces - check home page for location. 

APRIL 28, 2019  TRAILS ARE CLOSED FOR MUD SEASON!!  The red saturated soils signs are out - please stay off the trails until they are dried out.  We will post trail openings when appropriate.  

OCT 26, 2018  TRAILS ARE CLOSED!!  Hunting season is upon us and at the request of several of our landowners, our trail system is closed until the end of muzzleloader season in December.  Please respect our landowners and stay off our trails.  Thank you!!

MAY 26, 2018 
PLEASE BE AWARE: At this time, our trail system is in 2 pieces!!!! From Palermo to Liberty, the trail STOPS at the Banton Road. From Liberty to Palermo, the trail STOPS at the old Priest Farm. We have a new landowner and are negotiating the trail. PLEASE HONOR THIS NOTICE!!! Thank you!!  FMI contact Trailmaster Jay  620-2506.

MAY 19, 2018.  TRAILS ARE OPEN!!   The signs and tape will be coming down today.  Please note - there is a big tree down on the Tobey's end.  Hopefully it will be cut up and out of the way before the weekend is over.  Much of the trail system has not been ridden, so please use caution.  Suggest carrying a chainsaw and/or clippers with you.  Please report any major obstructions to the trailmaster.

Trail Map  Park and Rides not accurate on map - scroll down for most current locations.

Park and Ride locations

Friends and Neighbors ATV Club has 4 park and ride locations. 

1.  Behind Tobey's Store, China, by the piles of gravel

2.   Open area across Rte 3 from the MA Haskell Fuel propane storage, Palermo

3.  Sheepscot Lake Fish & Game, Rte 3, Palermo

4  Discontinued portion of old Route 3 on the east side of Level Hill Road, Palermo across from Boots and Saddles Road

Click Here to download the trail map.

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